8,000 years ago the mankind invented the book:
a complex collection of knowledge in a linear order,
stored by the brain and transmitted by oral
speech. Rig Veda, Odyssee, Bible and others are still known.
It was a revolution.


2,500 years ago the mankind invented the
written book. Transmitted on papyrus, pergament,
palm leaves, paper. A lot of ancient
wisdom was collected and survived until today.
It was a revolution.


570 years ago Gutenberg introduced
the printed book, the key technology of
industrialisation, modern science and
free societies.
It was a revolution.


15 years ago Jacobson introduced
the electronic book. A whole
library in your hand, the next step
into the information society.
It was a revolution.

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Now researchers of the Institute for Print
and Media Technology of Chemnitz
University of Technology invented the book with sound pages, like talkies instead of silent movie.
It is a revolution.